Episode 87

Published on:

7th Aug 2023

Celebrating wonderful you - Aspiring Psychologist - Psychology graduate - DClinPsy

Show Notes for The Aspiring Psychologist Podcast Episode 87:

Marianne's Summer Soundbites – 3

Thank you for listening to the Aspiring Psychologist Podcast.

Welcome to my new short series – Marianne’s Summer Sound Bites! This series is slightly shorter, but packed full of important, smaller topics, to help you stay on track over the busy summer period. I hope you find this helpful, no matter where you are in your journey in becoming an aspiring psychologist – whatever this may look like for you!

This episode focuses on another 2 key steps when thinking about being an aspiring qualified psychologist; the significance of self-care, exercise and nature, as well as celebrating achievements, no matter how small. There is also a little reminder about our free compassionate Q&A sessions, and the Aspiring Psychology membership. I hope you find this helpful.

I’d love any feedback you might have, and I’d love to know what your offers are and to be connected with you on socials so I can help you to celebrate your wins!

The Highlights:

  • (00:00): Summary
  • (00:49): Introduction
  • (01:42): Dates of the free compassionate Q&A session
  • (02:32): Connect with me & the Aspiring Psychologist Community
  • (03:09): Self-care isn't all face packs and eye masks
  • (04:15): Enjoy some fresh air and connect with nature
  • (05:01): Move our bodies in a way that is good for our body and our soul
  • (06:09): Take care of yourself well to support and take care of others
  • (07:33): Celebrating achievements (no matter how big or small they are)
  • (08:29): Be proud of both the professional and personal wins
  • (09:31): Summary and close


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